The second generation of hydropumps range

The Bathmate Hydromax is one of the biggest selling penis pumps on the planet.

If you want results fast, you can rely on the Hydromax penis pump to help you get a bigger penis, a harder erection and a longer lasting performance.

And when it comes to satisfaction, no other penis pump gives you the unshakeable confidence that the Hydromax provides.

Available in five sizes 3, 5, 7, 7 Wide Boy, and 9, the Hydromax-Series is the next stage of Hydropump evolution.

Bathmate Hydromax

Bathmate Hydromax Features ...

About the Hydromax

The Hydromax pumps offer significantly higher pressure levels. It’s best if you’re already used to these devices because these pumps are 35% more powerful. But more customers suspected want that power since this is the best-selling penis pump not just among the Bathmate models.

It’s the most popular penis pump in the world. Perhaps it’s because the greater pressure power offers quicker improvements. Some guys also like the temporary effects immediately after a session.

It’s time for you to skyrocket your sex life beyond your wildest dreams with the world’s bestselling penis pump. After all, one million men can’t be wrong.

Valve Latch

Improving Valve Latch

A new Super Flow Latch Valve system allows for one hand filling in the shower, making using and positioning the hydro pump much easier for you.

Enhancing Bellows System

A new Swivel Bellows feature allows full 360 degree positive rotation to give you entire visual chamber viewing plus inclined angle change option for optimum efficiency when used in the bath or shower – or when you are using the amazing new Hydromax pleasure ring system.
Bellows System
Comfort Pad

Adding Comfort Pad

The addition of our new super soft comfort pads have been a revelation in providing a tighter and more comfortable seal against the body, this means less pumping and less loss of suction. The soft-touch outer edge feels great against the body and the rigid inner tube provides a strong and sturdy shield around your penis from the inside of the bellows. Comfort pads are completely removable for easy cleaning and general hygiene.
  • Bathmate Hydromax3: Designed for men whose penis length doesn’t quite reach 3 inches, even when erect. It’s considered a “micropenis pump” although some men may not appreciate the label. But at least they now have a device specifically meant for that particular penis length.
  • Bathmate Hydromax5: This is another starter model, this time meant for men whose penis length is within 3 to 5 inches when erect. If your penis length is below average, then this is meant to get you up to the average length
  • Bathmate Hydromax7: The high-power penis pump for creating lasting gains. This is basically the more powerful version of the Hydro7. It’s meant for penis lengths between 5 and 7 inches. You’ll get your average penis into the “above average” level, and you’ll achieve this in a relatively shorter time.
  • Bathmate Hydromax7 Wide Boy: What if your problem isn’t about the length of your penis, but about your penis girth instead? This model was designed to specifically address that issue. The Wide Boy can help your penis become thicker to better match your penis length.
  • Bathmate Hydromax9: Suitable for men who already have a penis measuring 7 to 9 inches. Hydromax9 helps develop a stronger erection and real confidence.