The World First Water-Based Penis Pump

The World First Water-Based Penis Enlargement Pump

New revolutionary Penis Pump – conceived by industry experts – created to offer a unique, powerful, and proven method of enlarging your penis.


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The most advanced penis pump for your sexual performance

The Bathmate Hydropump is a specially designed penis trainer pump for men who want to improve their sexual performance and potency. With Bathmate you achieve a powerful and stable erection.

This pump is designed to be used in the bath or shower, by utilizing the incredible power of water to support the natural erection of your penis.

Bathmate pump helps to improve penis erection ability. In addition, this penis trainer has a lasting effect, because you can also use it for therapy to achieve a long-term improvement in blood and nerve supply. Because the penis is bathed in warm water you can really relax and enjoy.

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The Main Reasons Why You Should Choose Bathmate

It's no secret that women love men, who can fulfill their wild sexual fantasies! Bathmate endows your sexual health and performance with "BIG" benefits. You will be able to get lasting erections "ON-COMMAND", maintain hard as steel erections, and deliver loads that will maximize your partner's pleasure!

Increased blood flow and holding capacity of the penile chambers may help increase your penis length and girth.

Bathmate not only helps you "get it up" on your command - it also helps you enjoy huge, throbbing, and longer-lasting erections!

Experience the gush of raw sexual power and energy that will boost your sexual stamina and performance to the next level.

Boost in sexual stamina, rock-hard erections & longer staying power, lets you and your partner climax like never before to experience intense orgasm(s).


How It Works

Get a reliable & affordable penis pump for your penis size with 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
Here are three complete combinations to start your journey of increasing penis size.


Choose Your Pump

Make sure you buy Bathmate the right size. There are 12 different Bathmate pumps collection, in 5 sizes and three ranges. This very important to get maximum results.


Start Exercises

Fill your hydropump with warm water and start pumping for 5 minutes at a time, with 3 sessions (for a total of 15 minutes use) to creating unbeatable gains.


Enjoy The Results

Your penis will appear bigger from the first time you use Bathmate pump, even when soft! Keep exercising your penis regularly and the gains will increase.


Training Results

The duration of treatment with a water pump is from 3 to 6 months. At the same time, the first positive functional and visual changes can be noticed after a month of use.

Temporary Length
Temporary Girth
Permanent Length
Permanent Girth
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Many experts recommend taking a comprehensive approach to erectile dysfunction treatment and penis enhancement. That is, in order to get a visible result as soon as possible, and keep it for a long time, it is necessary to perform Jelqing exercises along with pumping.

This technique resembles classical manual masturbation with some modifications. You can find instructions for the implementation of this technique on the Internet. It stimulates blood flow to the penis and also makes the erection more powerful and long-lasting.



Bathmate comes with several different options for maximum results

Products Range 1


The world’s first and original hydro pump range. Perfect if you are just starting out and don’t want to break the bank …

– The best choice for first time user
– Only single size
– Ideal for penis size between 5 and 7 inches
– Price $110

Products Range 2


With 35% more power than the Hydro series, it’s clear why these two are the best-selling hydro pumps on the market ..

– Perfect for intermediate user
– Come with 5 different size
– Covered penis size from 3 up to 9 inch
– Starting price from $129 to $199

Products Range 3


The HydroXtreme series comes complete with detachable handball & all accessories. More Power! Faster Results! Better Design!

– Ideal for experienced users
– Come with 6 different size
– Suitable for all kinds of penis size
– Starting price from $209 to $399


General FAQ’s

Got a question about Bathmate Pump? Check out our list of popular, frequently asked questions!

The bathmate is a perfectly safe device to use if used by the instructions. Some guys pump it extra hard for way too long and they end up hurting themselves. Give it two or three pumps and leave it on for max 20 minutes per session. If it starts to hurt, stop it and take a break. It is very safe! Many doctors even recommend pumps to treat erectile dysfunction. 

Yes. The Bathmate Hydropump works amazingly to produce the desired results. We have taken a considerable amount of time to design and develop the highly innovative products. So, you can expect the penis enlargement Hydropumps to work as indicated on the package. If you would like to discover how our products work scientifically to deliver the promised results, watch this video that shows how and why it is able to deliver the breathtaking results.

Bathmate pump are designed for maximum safety, users will never be able to create an unsafe level of pressure. One thing you should pay attention is, please read carefully and follow the manual instructions to use the hydropump properly.

There is no hard and fast rule on this one. But over the course of 4 months with regular usage, most men experience a PERMANENT increase of 1-3 inches with a 30% girth increase. This applies to when you have a hard on and when you are flaccid.

Think of it as a workout, you have to put your 20 minutes a day in to get abs, the same thing goes with penis size. But if you are committed it will completely change your confidence and sex life.

To get the desired results, we recommend using the Bathmate penis enlargement pumps for 15 – 20 minutes every day. Regular use is recommended particularly because this maintains good penile health while delivering highly impressive results.

All Hydromax products are provided with a 12-month warranty. However, if you wish to make good use of the warranty we provide, you will be required to register the purchase by filling the Warranty Registration Form.

Of course. We ship Hydromax products to all locations. This has earned us very happy customers from all around the world. Delivery charges are determined by how far your home or office is located from our nearest distributors. You can additionally choose to make payment using a variety of currencies mentioned above.


Find a Bathmate Pump that Fits Your Size

Bathmate manufactured has developed several models and sizes that are suitable for your penis size.