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Are you looking for a proven and safe way to maintain an erection? Bathmate is the right way to start enhancing your sexual virility such as increasing penis length & girth, erection strength, personal confidence, and sex life. It’s also very effective for helping recover from erectile dysfunction (ED).

Bathmate has been clinically proven effective and popular for growing the penis. It is also very effective for recovering from weak erections. It helps you achieve beneficial results on your penis, and it is legally sold all over the world and is loved by many customers. Many of them have reported 100% satisfaction after using the product.

Designed to be used in the bath or shower, the Bathmate is a convenient and effective way to enlarge the member. It is made with skin-friendly materials and provides a constant supply of pressure so it does not irritate your penis’ shafts or dry out your penis. Unlike other penis pumps, the Bathmate Hydromax pump can increase your penis’ size without painful friction.

The main functions:

– The first function is to enlarge the penis by drawing blood to it.
– The second function is to increase blood flow to the penis and helps in enhancing sexual performance.

In addition, regular use of the Bathmate Hydropump keeps the penis in prime condition making for rock hard, longer-lasting erections and increased sexual pleasure.

The Bathmate Hydromax penis pump has been endorsed by celebrities and bodybuilders for men with any kind of penis size. It is made of premium quality material and is comfortable to use. The pump’s gaiters are skin-friendly and durable.

What Makes Bathmate Better Than Other Pumps?

There’s several key areas in which Bathmate significantly outperforms the competition:


Bathmate uses a unique water-based design to deliver superior, better-feeling pressure. With the gentle power of warm water provides the penis with the ultimate hydrotherapy workout. Bathmate pumps can also be used in air for sexual spontaneity.


Bathmate is designed to be used in water, so it can be used whenever you shower or bathe, fitting into your life much easier than an air pump. However, Bathmate can also be used in air should you prefer, giving you the best of both worlds.

How Does Bathmate Work?

Scientific studies estimate that 90% of those with certain conditions are able to regain sexual function by using a vacuum pump like Bathmate. Take a look on how Bathmate pump work

  • First, the hydro pump works by applying a gentle force to the penis from every direction.
  • Second, the negative pressure creates a vacuum within the penis, drawing blood in and out of its cavernous tissue.
  • Third, it helps to cure microtraumas, making your penis look larger and more attractive.

After using a Bathmate Hydromax penis pump, you will be amazed at the difference!

Advantage Using Bathmate Pump

If you’re serious about penis enlargement and are willing to put the effort in, the new Bathmate pump is the ultimate tool to help you achieve your goals.

Bathmate Results

User Results

The company has created real surveys that run as fairly executed. They keep a record of all customers/users that have participated in the respective survey so as to substantiate these claims.

Below are the general results based on real-world survey data:

After 2 months, 81% reported better erections or larger penises

Satisfaction Survey 27.01.20 to 03.02.20.

Most customers report improved confidence

Satisfaction Survey 27.01.20 to 03.02.20.

Most customers report improved libido

Satisfaction Survey 27.01.20 to 03.02.20.

82.7% of users reported real results

Satisfaction Survey 27.01.20 to 03.02.20.



The world’s first and original hydro pump range. Perfect if you are just starting out and don’t want to break the bank …

– Best choose for first time user
– Only single size
– Ideal for man who have penis size between 5 and 7 inches
– Starting price $110


With 35% more power than the Hydro series, it’s clear why these two are the best-selling hydro pumps on the market ..

– Perfect for intermediate user
– Come with 5 different size
– Covered penis size from 3 inches up to 9 inches
– Starting price from $129 to $199


The HydroXtreme series comes complete with detachable handball & all accessories. More Power! Faster Results! Better Design!

– Ideal for experienced users
– Come with 6 different size
– Covered penis size from 3 inches up to 9 inches or up
– Starting price from $209 to $399
HydroXtreme Pro series


Brand New from Bathmate. The Ultramale Kit is a complete collection, built to give you absolutely unbeatable results. This is another spectacular feature of the Bathmate HydroXtreme Pro Series!


Make sure you choose the right size to maximize performance. Measure the length and thickness of your penis when erect. Then select the range of penis length below. If you not unsure about your size? Click here to learn our size guide

Bathmate Size Guide